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Groove Wood Studios

Opened in January 2015, Groove Wood - Music Studio Loft is a high quality studio located side by side with the world famous Porto’s Wine Caves, right in the heart of the historic zone of Oporto and Douro River. Built in an old Oporto’s Wine Warehouse, our studio has the highest quality equipment ready to respond the highest demands of the market, as well as recording and mixing rooms designed at the highest acoustic level.

In the same building we have a modern and comfortable loft with all the facilities where our guests can be accommodated during their stay and enjoy living a few steps away from Ribeira do Douro – a UNESCO’s World Heritage and one of the most charismatic cities in all Europe.



With the Music Loft concept we intend to develop partnerships with artists worldwide and promote musical and cultural exchange. Groove Wood Studios wants to be an artistic residence where our guests can record their own projects or rehearse and create the partnership’s project whenever they want and rest whenever they need it. We want our guests to feel evolved with the studio and its unique location so that they can get inspired in their creative process and live an unforgettable experience.




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